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Corporate Institution

Peter is a CTO and he was worried about his company's stagnant culture and how to train his IT teams properly before discovering the flexibility Ivy offers him.

Peter is the CTO of a very large data science and social research consultancy. He helps lead and manage a team of over one thousand employees. He was getting worried that with so many people, the smaller data science team was beginning to be overshadowed by the social research department. He needed a way to show the entire company how brilliant these data scientists are.

Training the Entire Company

Peter found out about Ivy and knew it was the solution. After getting Ivy set up, Peter instructed the data scientists to make a basic course on how to organize large amounts of data and pull out recurring patterns and themes. When the course was ready, he invited the entire company to jump in and learn more about data science. Within just one month, respect and admiration for his data scientists increased drastically within the company.

Security Standards for IT

The only other thing Peter had hanging over his head was making sure his entire IT team was up to date on the latest network security standards. After a successful result with the data scientists, he knew Ivy was once again the way to go. By creating a "Staying Fresh with Security Standards" course that every IT employee needed to complete, the entire IT team grew more confident and it also made his entire company more secure.

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Product Company

Jessica is the founder and lead developer at a well known iOS app startup. She uses Ivy to share her team's best practices, create test API suites, and also help onboard new developers.

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