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Jessica is the founder and lead developer at a well known iOS app startup. She uses Ivy to share her team's best practices, create test API suites, and also help onboard new developers.

For over seven years, Jessica has been working hard to grow her application into a successful business. Her application is called Rivr, which helps users find and rent event venues. Her developers are her most prized assets, so she wanted to make sure that they received the recognition that they deserved.

Why Ivy?

After some brief research, Jessica found Ivy and realized that she could use the platform in several different ways to acknowledge her developers. With one platform she could promote her developers’ best practices to the public, help them easily create an interactive API suite, and quickly onboard new developers when help is needed.

Promote Best Practices

Once Jessica got her hands on the Ivy platform, she immediately began by creating a "Rivr's Best iOS Practices" course. Within this course, Jessica created an outline that walked users through every organazational and developmental practice that her developers created over the first few years of development. Once she had the outline ready to go, she handed it over to her lead developer to fill in all the details and create the interactive code challenges.

Create an Interactive API Suite

After successfully launching "Rivr's Best iOS Practices," Jessica and her team realized that they could also use Ivy to teach outside developers how to interact with their API instead of having to create bland and redundant documentation. This increased the respect outside developers gave Rivr, and also allowed them to learn the API much more quickly than the laborious practice of reading through pages upon pages of documentation.

Onboard New Developers

Finally, the team decided to bring these two subjects together to create a more robust course that will help onboard new developers to the Rivr platform. Now, when they hire a new developer, they have a course ready to teach the new hire all about how their iOS code is organized, their approach to development and how to continue developing the already powerful Rivr API.

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Educational Organization

Danielle uses Ivy to help better teach her students about modern programming languates without any need for setting up a local development environment on each student's computer.

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