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Educational Organization

Danielle uses Ivy to help better teach her students about modern programming languages without any need for setting up a local development environment on each student's computer.

Danielle is an instructor at Cedar University. For over 4 years, Danielle struggled to convey information to her students that they could immediately use in real-world evironments, until she found Ivy. With Ivy's powerful in-browser code execution, she can teach her students in an almost identical environment that they will use in the real-world.

Custom LMS Problems

At Cedar University, the IT team implemented an LMS that was customized specifically for the school. This created problems when Danielle would try to use other tools to help teach her students. The LMS and her choosen tools couldn't talk to each other, thus leaving Danielle to have to grade lessons and import them manually into the school's LMS. Once she found Ivy, she immediately began the process of tying the two systems together.

Cedar University's LMS

Now, Danielle can run all of her classroom operations in the school’s LMS, while taking advantage of Ivy’s in-browser code execution to teach her students in a real-world environment. And because the LMS and Ivy talk to each other, when her students complete a lesson in Ivy, the students' classroom grades are automatically updated saving Danielle hours of having to grade each individual lesson and manually import them into the school's LMS.

Easy & Quick Setup

Because Ivy is an out-of-the-box solution, it took no time for her students to log in and start learning after she created her first course. With the code execution being built in to the browser, there was no long installation and setup for each individual student's computer. As a bonus, they can even access their course and pick up right where they left off even if they don't have their own computer.

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Corporate Institution

Peter is a CTO and he was worried about his company's stagnant culture and how to train his IT teams properly before discovering the flexibility Ivy offers him.

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