About Ivy

Ivy provides a powerful, custom branded online training solution without requiring you to build or maintain your own site. Ivy saves your organization time, money and resources.

Ivy is Made With Envy

Ivy is a bootstrapped product and service created by Envy, the same consultancy that created Code School and has built products for dozens of other companies such as Google, Caterpillar and Booz Allen Hamilton. With extensive experience in the digital education space, there's no better product and company to partner with.


Ivy is available as an annual license, but actual pricing changes per client as we want to suit your specific needs. For a fraction of what a custom development initiative would cost, you’ll get access to the full Ivy platform in a matter of weeks.

Additional Services (optional)

These services are independently contracted through Ivy’s parent company, Envy, a web consultancy specializing in software design and development:

  • Content & Challenge authoring consulting
  • Challenge creation (programming)
  • Custom theme design
  • Aggregate course & marketing site development
  • Enhanced Ivy platform customization


Ivy is a premium technical training and teaching platform, and though it offers just about everything you need to effectively teach and train online, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Ivy does not offer integrated payment solutions, and assumes that integration points to a client-managed payment gateway will be provided. If you do not have an existing payment gateway, Envy may be able to offer development solutions to integrate with the Ivy platform.

Ivy does not store user information (related to authentication), and authenticates users through OAuth or an existing user account solution of your choice.

Ivy is not a traditional LMS, but the platform is compatible with most LMS systems. Integration with these systems may require additional development and/or consulting services.