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Scale your technical training Train technical teams faster Create highly‑interactive courses Gather user analytics Learn new technology

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Ivy is a robust online publishing platform optimized for interactive technical training and education.
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What can you do with Ivy?

Focus on building courses

Easily communicate and teach any technical subject in a real‑world environment that encourages long-term learning instead of short-term memorization.

Build your own code-based challenges

User can write code in their own browser and have it graded for accuracy all without having to leave the Ivy player interface.

Experience a new way to teach & learn

Your students can confidently learn a wide range of information in a real-world environment without having to be present in a classroom. Create stand-alone online curriculum or use your content to accentuate your live training sessions.


Ivy works for both company onboarding and online education. Here are a few examples:

Built by Envy, the consultancy that has created products for companies like:

Advanced Educational Technology

Ivy is built on a flexible course layer, a course builder, and a customized analytics layer to create the most powerful technical publishing platform

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The Course Player

Content, code execution, and a fully-functional development console are all contained within the easy-to-use Ivy Course Player.

The Course Builder

Entire courses and challenges are difficult to create. Ivy includes a course authoring suite to easily create content and code challenges.

Custom Analytics

Tracking user progress and finding errors in courses is easy with the custom analytics suite that tracks dozens of small details.